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How to Sell Your Life

How to Sell Your Life

Recently, I’ve been dismantling my world. I’ve been searching all the nooks and crannies…seeing what works, what doesn’t; what I like, what I don’t; what I need vs. what I’m told is required. I’ve come up with some tips. How to Decide What to Keep Do you need it? Kind of an obvious question, but […]

Unveiling: Vintage Chic Nursery at Va...

I am so incredibly proud of Stephanie–she was invited to participate in the 2017 Vanguard Designer Showcase! For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, Vanguard is the separate fundraising arm for the Albany Symphony Orchestra. Since the 1980’s they have invited local designers to contribute to a showhouse, in which an entire house […]

Moving to the Country, Gonna Sell a L...

Moving to the Country, Gonna Sell a Lot of Antiques

Hear ye, hear ye–REimagine Studio is a vendor at the 2017 Washington County Antique Fair! This fair is a bit interesting–it is held the first weekends in May and August. Clearly, we’re past the May dates, but don’t worry–Stephanie has a ton of wares ready for the August one! It is open Saturday 8 am-5 […]



You know those “sponsored post” ads that pop up in your Facebook feed? Typically I find them way annoying, but today they led me to the House Beautiful Facebook page (which I guess means the ads are working!), where I stumbled upon this article about a cool renovation of a classic 1962 camper turned AirBnB […]

Craigslist Steal of the Day: 60’...

So on my usual browse through Craigslist (and I wonder why I have too much stuff), I saw something I have never seen before. A full kitchen for sale (cabinets, counters, lights) that was actually in decent shape! It’s vintage 1960’s enamel cabinets and the beauty of it is that they didn’t mess with it […]

Craigslist Steal of the Day: Antique ...

If you know me, you know I love, love, LOVE my quilts. I am a junkie. And like all addictions, I have gone overboard. Still, when I find a beautiful, handmade quilt at a great price, I always want to go for it. But, this year I am trying to not overbuy (it’s a thing). […]



Stephanie recently debuted a new product: vintage hankie buttons! SO adorable. I am seized by a sudden desire to tuft all. the. things! Naturally, if you have a project or color scheme that you’d like to incorporate specifically, just let Stephanie know and she’d be happy to do a custom order. Think of how cool […]

Craigslist Steal of the Day

Craigslist Steal of the Day

Happy holidays, all! With 9 days until the big guy arrives, I hope your shopping is done and you’ve been behaving to ensure you’re on the “nice” list. 🙂 Speaking of nice, here is a very nice item I’m featuring from the Albany, NY Craigslist. Best part? It’s in the free section! #score Naturally, I […]

Where to Shop in the Capital District

People often ask where I shop for my materials and where I ever happened to be so lucky as to find fill in the blank. The truth is, I have the luxury of a flexible schedule that allows me to shop all days of the week at all different hours when time permits, so I […]

Featured: Bohemian Silk Scarf Curtain...

Featured: Bohemian Silk Scarf Curtains

I know many of you have gotten to know Stephanie’s work through her amazing furniture, like this little beauty that has since sold, but she actually has a lot of textile goods for sale at all times, so I thought I’d feature some of the “softer” side. Softer–but still sassy, and plenty gorgeous! Stephanie makes […]