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Holiday Season 2017: REimagine Studio...

Holiday Season 2017: REimagine Studio Live Hard to believe it’s that time of year again when REimagine Studio goes live at local holiday marketplaces.  For 2017 we will be participating in two markets.  The schedule is as follows: Sunday November 19, 2017 : Holiday Open House at Peyster St. Designs / 11-2 / 29 Burhans Place Delmar Saturday December 2, 2017 [...]

REimagine Tip: Storing Paint

REimagine Tip: Storing Paint It’s that time of year again in Upstate NY…freezing temps are right around the corner.  What’s this have to do with paint you ask?  Well, it’s time to bring it indoors! If you have cans of paint left over in the garage, in the shed, or anywhere else that they could freeze do yourself a [...]

Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day Don’t stop until you’re proud is something I silently repeat to myself about mid-way through every big job.  When everything is half done, I’m sore, and my brain feels undone, I remind myself to keep at it until I’m proud. Inevitably a few days or weeks later, I’m glad I stuck with it when I [...]

Featured Item: Olive Green Commode

Featured Item: Olive Green Commode Today we have a featured item from the REimagine Studio Etsy Shop. I found this forgotten refinishing project an Upstate NY basement. The solid wood antique commode or sideboard cupboard had been mostly stripped of a bad paint job but never got farther than that.  After coming home with me, she got a vibrant olive [...]

For a good chuckle…

For a good chuckle… Soooo, I made a promise to post once a week by midnight on Wednesdays, but this week I’m going to let The Onion do the work for me!  A friend sent me this article the other day and I snorted out loud reading it.  Since we all could use a laugh by the middle of [...]

REimagine Tip: Caulk for a Profession...

REimagine Tip: Caulk for a Professional Paint Job For all of you that have DIY painting projects to tackle this fall now that the kids are back to school… Just a quick tip about one of the best ways to ensure a professional looking paint job.  I mentioned it in my “All About House Paint” post a few weeks back. Caulk–an essential part [...]