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REimagine Tip: Storing Paint

It’s that time of year again in Upstate NY…freezing temps are right around the corner.  What’s this have to do with paint you ask?  Well, it’s time to bring it indoors!

If you have cans of paint left over in the garage, in the shed, or anywhere else that they could freeze do yourself a BIG favor and bring them indoors NOW.  After latex house paint freezes it turns into a separated, sticky, stringy, gloopy mess and isn’t even good for touch ups.  Save yourself the headache and ALWAYS store your paint in the basement or another heated area of your home.

If you have just a small amount left in a can, transfer it to a clean glass jar such as a peanut butter or mason jar.  Note the color, sheen, and brand info on the new jar and dispose of the empty can.  Fit a small square of plastic wrap over the top of the jar before screwing on the lid.  It will last longer in a smaller container with less surface area to dry it out over time.

Alright, enough reading, now go! Go rescue your paint before it freezes!

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