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REimagine Tip: Caulk for a Professional Paint Job

For all of you that have DIY painting projects to tackle this fall now that the kids are back to school…

Just a quick tip about one of the best ways to ensure a professional looking paint job.  I mentioned it in my “All About House Paint” post a few weeks back. Caulk–an essential part of any paint job!

Here is an example of a trim moulding, where it meets and connects the ceiling and paneled wall, before painting.  In the original condition it shows gaps and looks old because of the unevenness and cracks. In a fresh paint job your eye always goes to the dark spot and a lot of times this can be remedied by filling gaps and cracks before painting. See, even before the fresh paint the area is already looking better!?

A tube of fast dry (20 minutes) painter’s caulk can be found in any hardware or paint store for just a few dollars.  There are even brands that offer a no caulk gun needed version so you don’t even need to buy one of those.  If you plan to do much painting though a caulk gun is a good, inexpensive investment that you will use time and time again.

A little goes a long way and you will need less than half a tube for an average room.  Look for spots to caulk around window and door frames, where the baseboard meets the wall and just about anywhere one plane meets another.  Just run a small bead along the crack and smooth it over with your finger, wiping any excess with a dampened rag.

Happy painting!  Cheers to professional results! Oh, and remember, as always, if you would rather not do your own painting contact us to do the job for you! 🙂

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