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Too often we give children answers to remember rather than problems to solve.  -Roger Lewin

As many of you are prepping for the first day of school and getting ready to send your children off to their new classrooms this year, I hope that you’ll remember this.  The world needs more problem solvers, more skilled craftsmen, and more tradesmen (and women).  Creative problem solvers are in demand, and contrary to the “starving artist” stereotype, there are many opportunities in the creative industries for a successful career.

Ira Marcks, a local illustrator called out to the creative community last year in order to gain inspiration to write his new cartoon book, Creative Every Day, which has since been distributed to tens of thousands of middle school students in the Albany, NY area. I was honored that my story was chosen for the book, which is filled with inspiring accounts of people who are living a creative life and career in many diverse ways right here in New York’s Capital Region.

From “Creative Every Day” by Ira Marcks. This cartoon page depicts ME!

Hopefully this gives you a bit of inspiration to head into the new school year!

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