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Unveiling: Vintage Chic Nursery at Vanguard Designer Showhouse

I am so incredibly proud of Stephanie–she was invited to participate in the 2017 Vanguard Designer Showcase! For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, Vanguard is the separate fundraising arm for the Albany Symphony Orchestra. Since the 1980’s they have invited local designers to contribute to a showhouse, in which an entire house is transformed into a series of beautiful vignettes designed to inspire.  The public is then invited to purchase tickets to tour the house over a period of three weeks.  The furnishings are also for sale with proceeds going to Vanguard.  Stephanie was approached a little late in the process and had only a couple of weeks to prepare the nursery (designers typically get a few months). After running around borrowing key elements like the crib, linens and clothing from friends and working her tail off to paint the room and make decor, she was able to finish before the final weekend deadline and created a beautiful, eclectic, vintage chic nursery.

First, let’s do an intro on the house itself.

The 2017 Vanguard Designer Showhouse facade prior to work commencing.

The home is a beautifully restored and renovated 1813 Vischerdaal II combining old world charm with modern amenities. The original house was constructed in Clifton Park but faced flooding when the Stony Creek Reservoir was constructed in the early 1950’s.  Total destruction was imminent. The house was won at auction for $3,500 by a local pediatrician, and the interior fittings were dismantled for rebuilding the house on Pheasant Lane in 1952.

What a difference landscaping makes!  The entire outside property was transformed in just a few weeks time before the spring event.

Heading into the nursery…after choosing Valspar Paint’s soothing “Sweet Leaf” for the walls and Benjamin Moore’s “White Dove” for the trim, Stephanie decided to go with a smaller rug with a burnt coral base to showcase the home’s original wide plank floors that everyone loved on the Facebook page. A collection of antique mirrors are grouped around a simple floral hoop wreath with vintage lace trimming, lending to the eclectic bohemian vibe. I lent Stephanie Lucy’s quilt and matching pillow, which looks great on the mommy and me rocking chairs she made over!

Mommy and me matching rocking chairs, antique mirrors and handmade quilted letters give a layered, shabby chic feel to the room.  The floral and lace hoop is a modern take on the ever popular dream catcher.

I feel like every family has an antique china cabinet squirreled away in the basement, attic or barn, just waiting to be redone. But considering that no one uses china anymore, what are you going to do with it? How about creating a beautiful dresser/armoire to show off your little one’s beautiful things?  After all, those pretty little dresses won’t fit for very long, so why not put them on display instead of in the closet!  This doesn’t have to be just for clothes–think games, stuffed animals, books–as the child grows so do the uses for the piece.

The china cabinet before Stephanie got her mitts on it and turned it into a dresser/armoire.  Notice the peeling veneer and missing drawer.

The amazing after of the china cabinet! Lucy and Hazel’s beautiful dresses and frilly underthings are showcased in this lovely, solid piece that is revitalized and ready for another 100+ years!

When you first walk into the small nursery, there is some dead space where the door opens, which was made functional by adding some slim bookshelves and accenting it with handmade pom-poms and chalkboard art.

The built in bookshelf area before

The changing table area after!

The homeowner insisted Stephanie could do anything she wanted for her design in the room, including remove the built in.  In keeping with her mission to utilize and make functional what already exists, she immediately thought what a perfect changing table this nook would make!  Installing a small light allows sleepy parents the ability to change the little one in the night without turning on the brighter overhead lights. The shelves were reconfigured and gussied up with some decorative supports, and the background was made gorgeous with some of my leftover Anthropologie wallpaper. Hazel and Lucy’s pretty collection of hair bows are on display in painted picture frames turned hair bow and jewelry displays. Can you spy the picture of baby Hazel on the shelf?

Details, details, details.  It’s all in the details. No stone was left unturned where charm and character could be added to this sweet little room.

The tree branch curtain rods were a fan favorite among guests visiting the showhouse.

Notice the sheer panels for the windows are supported by birch tree branches? The suncatcher, below, was created from a part of the rewired antique lamp and a collection of mismatched crystals.  Hung low in the window from one of the branches,  when the sun hits the crystals they cast rainbows around the room to entertain baby.

Air plants suspended on crystal give a natural greenery element to the space while lending to the shabby chic charm.

REimagine Studio’s quilted letters make a wonderful baby shower gift–get them in coordinating nursery colors in the baby’s name! Or you can spell out inspirational words such as: dream, play, learn, love…

One last look:

Congratulations, Stephanie, on this amazing milestone, and for pulling this room together in an insane two weeks!

Are you on a tight deadline? Need help with design, organization, or furniture rehab? Call on Stephanie and I to help you get it right! We can find quality vintage pieces to suit your style and help make all the rooms in your home functional for you.

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