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Power Through?

So I’m sick. Like really, really, hacking up a lung, thick mucus gross sick. My new boss was inching his chair away every time I coughed in our meeting this morning. I’ve got a bad virus (which seems to happen every time I visit a place with more kids than adults…thanks, Magic Forest), and have been popping cough drops like candy. On my Halls wrapper, I noticed it has all these “inspirational” sayings:

  • Nothing you can’t handle.
  • Power through!
  • Don’t waste a precious minute.
  • Push on!
  • Take charge and mean it.

I realize it’s supposed to be a pep talk, of sorts, but really? Whatever happened to just resting and letting ourselves recharge when we’re sick? Why do we have to even go to work (if you have available sick time), let alone “take charge and mean it”?!

I came in the office because I was on vacation last week, and I didn’t want my boss to think I was faking a sick day. But now that I have his blessing, you can be sure I am heading home to get in my jammies and drink my OJ with a box of Kleenex by my side.

Take care of yourselves. Recharge. Rest up. You’ll be 100% more effective when you take the time to fully heal.

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