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Make it Last

Three little words–make it last–and yet they can be so impactful:

Make it last–a beautiful day spent with your favorite people.

Make it last–a cherished heirloom handed down through your family.

Make it last–your favorite article of clothing that always makes you feel confident.

Make it last–early morning snuggles with your kids, knowing that this stage is fleeting.

Make it last–restoring quality home materials rather than swapping it out for newer, lesser quality replacements.

Make it last–designing a room to grow with its occupant, rather than being static for a certain age.

In a consumer-driven society, we are obsessed with replacing anything if it is the slightest bit worn or off-trend. Bloggers in particular are often paid by company partners to stage “room refresh” posts, swapping out decor for every holiday and season–or just because.

I don’t agree with this. Even for my favorite holiday, Christmas, we don’t go all out. I don’t have any decorations for the other seasons, though we do carve pumpkins for Halloween. I feel like I have designed my rooms to be reflective of our family in all seasons, and frankly, I don’t have time to keep swapping out decor. I’m lucky if I can get my bathrooms cleaned.

When I first heard of it, I really thought the One Room Challenge (ORC) was a great concept–and it is…if you do it once, in a room that you really need a kick in the pants to do and have a deadline you are working against (for example, a guest room expecting some important visitors, or a nursery). The ORC is a biannual event every April and October where twenty bloggers transform a space in six short weeks. Each week, they document their progress while sharing sources and advice. However. Some bloggers have participated multiple times, and on spaces that have been redone already. In addition, a lot of bloggers, especially the more well-known ones, receive items from vendors for free to use in their space, as long as they link back to the product and source for readers to purchase. To me this feels…wrong. If I am sharing something on this site, it’s because I 100% back up the product, and I bought it outright.

I fully believe in designing a home with beautiful, quality, timeless pieces. Sure, I have quirky, eclectic things in my house, but it wouldn’t be “me” without them. One thing I do not have is throw-away decor. Our girls’ rooms, though designed for a baby and toddler, will work for them through high school, if needed (minus a changing table and crib, haha).

Hazel’s room…yes, this is from our listing. What can I say, I am super lazy about taking pictures!

Lucy’s room…I spy a quilted letter banner from REimagine Studio!

Now more than ever, it’s important to choose quality materials and make them last, for the good of our environment, our health, and our futures. As always, Stephanie and I are here to help you make the pieces you already own work for you and your family. Contact us today to learn more!

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